Interiman Group

A tale of passion

It's a success story, a story of committed professionals who are passionate about what they do, finding and selecting the best-qualified candidates for both temporary and permanent positions .

One thing has motivated Interiman/Interima since 1998: our passion for your success.

The passion of maintaining close ties with agencies who are more devoted than ever to the principles of listening, dialogue and flexibility. Passion for human relations, creating ever closer links between the people offering employment and the people seeking it. Passion for efficiency, which relies on constant pragmatism and the ongoing quest for excellence and improvement.

In 20 years our agencies have made a name for themselves with their distinctive style of recruitment and HR management, placing themselves at the forefront of temporary employment agencies in Switzerland.

And now we have even more ways to open up new vistas for businesses and job-seekers - supporting growth for companies and career choices for our applicants. To enable us to provide top-quality expert advice for every need, for both temporary and permanent employment situations, each of our brands now specialises in a particular area.