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Interiman Group, who are we ?

Interiman Group is the leading Swiss company in the fields of temporary personnel placement and fixed recruitment, candidate search and selection, training, and innovative solutions for outplacement and HR outsourcing.

8 areas of expertise

  • Temporary work

    Temping forms part of a successful HR strategy. When you are faced with production peaks and staffing shortages, the most cost-efficient solution is to bring in temporary workers

  • Fixed recruitment

    Recruiting permanent staff is a long-term solution which allows your company to pursue growth. Take advantage of our experience in recruitment, our industry-specific expertise, and our network of experts to find your future team members.

  • On-site/RPO

    We send a dedicated team to your site. Our consultants recruit, assess and select employees to meet your needs from day to day. They can take care of all aspects of HR management, from the job interview through to the day the employee leaves the company.

  • Try & Hire

    You meet with the candidate at your own company premises. You have three months to get to know the candidate and evaluate their skills and personality.

  • Training

    There is no doubt that continuing education and professional development lead to happier and more fulfilled employees, which in turn helps to make your company more competitive.

  • Outplacement

    Our outplacement solutions support employees leaving your company during their professional transition. Whether on the individual or collective level, we adapt to meet the needs of your organisation and situation.

  • Payrolling

    Sarete voi stessi a reclutare il personale e a definire le condizioni salariali. Ci occupiamo dell'amministrazione del personale e degli stipendi: stesura dei contratti, ottenimento dei permessi di lavoro, pagamento puntuale degli stipendi, assicurazioni, procedure amministrative di vario genere. Avrete così più tempo a disposizione per concentrarvi sulla vostra priorità: la vostra azienda.

  • Wage portage

    Wage portage is a quick and easy solution, both for companies and for independent contractors. It enables you to offer social security benefits to your providers, while remaining flexible and limiting your fixed payroll.

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Interiman Group acts as the strategic partner in Switzerland for the Gi Group, an international company operating in 55 countries.