Our values and commitments

A people-centred approach

Despite the many trends affecting the future labour market, our endeavours are firmly centred around people and our relationships with partner companies, candidates and employees.

We respect our applicants, and make every effort to understand and appreciate their individual experience and skill areas, and their ability to collaborate with co-workers or represent your organisation in dealings with your customers. Notwithstanding the fundamental importance of technical skills, we believe it is ultimately the applicant’s personality that is the key factor in the work environment. Essential personality traits for successful and rewarding performance in a demanding work environment include flexibility, cooperation and a sense of personal responsibility.


A passion for success

We are passionate about our job. By listening, talking and being flexible, we are able to form connections between the people offering employment and those looking for it. Interiman consultants are characterised by their proactive approach and readiness to take the initiative. They trust their own judgement and are prepared to think “outside the box” to arrive at the solution you need. They can work to tight deadlines and are happy to visit your premises if required. They routinely travel to other European countries in search of the best talent, for example. But all their innovation is focused squarely on building strong and lasting relationships.

Our consultants draw on their wealth of experience to find the ideal match between your precise requirements and the candidate we put forward. As experts in both talent selection and the specifics of your industry or sector, they will support you through the entire recruitment process. And because they understand the constraints you operate under, they can immediately mobilise their resources and network with their fellow consultants when required, to arrive at the optimum solution.


A responsible vision


Sustainable development

While profitable growth remains our core concern, we believe that some of our profits should also go towards enhancing the well-being of our employees.


Worker well-being

Social progress means taking steps to keep all staff in good physical and mental health and happy with their home and work situation, and providing access to training and education and opportunities to engage in lifetime learning to keep developing their skills.


A sustainable relationship with our ecosystem

An active commitment to sustainability requires a long-term approach based on realistic and clearly-defined objectives: a more cohesive in-house operation, development opportunities for our employees, purchasing policies structured around fair and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, reducing our consumption of natural resources, etc.

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Interiman Group is active in permanent and temporary recruitment, training, HR outsourcing, outplacement and consulting. With 67 branches, Interiman Group has been developing in Switzerland for more than 25 years and is one of the leaders in this field.


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